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NovoLAB-Borehole Log Drafting & Soil Lab. Testing Software

NovoLAB helps you process lab test data, draft your borehole logs and prepare eye-catching, professional reports. You can quickly set up a borehole or test pit in NovoLAB and start entering your field notes into a ‘smart’ log. NovoLAB will design and draw the boring log for you; In addition, it loads all the test results for each soil samples from your project database, and brings them into the log.

NovoLAB covers various drilling methods such as auger, mud-rotary, wash-boring, Sonic, etc. Different sampling method such as disturbed, undisturbed, shelby, core, etc. are supported. You will be able to define the type of each soil layer from a library of Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) or AASHTO classification and show corresponding hatch on the log.

AASHTO and USCS soil classifications for a soil sample will be determined by NovoLAB when sieve test data is entered. Explore the extensive features of NovoLAB and download a trial version today.

Borehole Logs

NovoLAB log drafting module is fully automatic. Here are the steps to create a boring log with NovoLAB:

  1. Enter laboratory tests data for each sample (if available)

  2. Enter soil layers for each borehole (from your field notes)

  3. Click on ‘Generate Borehole Log’ button!

The software automatically brings all field data and lab. test results and inserts them in the borehole log. User can design the log and specify how the soil stratigraphy, test data, the SPT/DCPT plots are shown on the log.

Lab. Testing Features

Using NovoLAB you can process various laboratory soil tests. The program automatically carries out all the calculation and presents eye-catching test reports. NovoLAB covers the following soil laboratory tests:

  • Sieve Test (gradation)

  • Atterberg Limits Test (LL & PL)

  • Moisture Content and Density Determination Test

  • Field Density test

  • Soil Chemical Test

  • Permeability Test (falling head, constant head, etc.)

  • Direct Shear Test

  • Triaxial Compression Test

  • Unconfined Compression Test

  • Compaction test (proctor)

  • 1-D Consolidation Test

Field Testing Features

You can enter the following field test results in the log:

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCP / DCPT)

  • WildCat Penetrometer Test / Any Other Type of Handheld DCP

  • Cone Penetration Test Results (CPT)

  • Any other test results, as you want to show on the logs

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