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The FEM - Consolidation is used to perform time dependent settlement analysis under foundations, embankments and surface loads (surcharges). Given the external load and the mechanical and hydraulic boundary conditions the coupled analysis providesthe evolution of displacements, stresses, strains, plastic zones, pore pressure distribution, ground water table and water flow through
the model. Consolidation is an extension module of the FEM program for the analysis of general geotechnical problems.


  • Material models:

    • Linear elastic model

    • Mohr-Coulomb model

    • Modified Mohr-Coulomb model

    • Drucker-Prager model

  • Different permeability in the horizontal and vertical direction (anisotropic material)

  • Possibility to choose which soil will take part in the consolidation process

  • Constant or time dependent load

  • Optional activation of parts of the model (modeling gradual construction of embankment)

  • Multiple successive construction stages

  • Calculation of the soil deformation and settlement in time caused by external load

  • Calculation of pore pressure and ground water table evolution

  • The evolution of quantities at chosen points observed by means of monitors and graphs

  • Import and export of the geometry and resulting ground water table in DWG, DXF format

  • Sharing the resulting ground water table between projects via GeoClipboard

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