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The FEM - Tunnel is used to design and analyze tunnels. It include a specialized tools for the definition of tunnel lining, system of anchors and rock bolts and grouting-strengthen regions. The relaxation factor assigned to each construction stage takes the 3D effect of the excavation into account.

Tunnel is an extension module of the FEM program for the analysis of general geotechnical problems.


  • Two options for modelling linings (Beam elements - 1D or standard 2D elements)

  • Option to create a geometrical model of the lining in a separate pre-processor using data in an external format (such as DXF).

  • Simple introduction of lining into the soil/rock body - topology correction and mesh generation are fully automatic

  • Any number of construction stages

  • Use of a relaxation factor to model the 3D behavior of the body during excavation

  • Introduction of hinged bearing ends of the beam elements

  • Input of temperature loads on the beams

  • Consideration of soil swelling

  • Consideration of lining shrinkage

  • Analysis of a secondary lining either by changing the geometrical parameters (1D elements) or by changing the parameters of the original lining to allow for the transfer of stresses (2D elements)

  • Introduction of monitoring points anywhere in the body

  • Graphical representation of the distribution of internal forces on active parts of the lining

  • Automatic generation of anchors fixed to the lining

  • Introduction of anchors as a region of improved soil mass (anchored region)

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