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FEM-Water Flow

The FEM - Water Flow is used to perform steady state or transient water flow analysis (seepage). Given the material properties and initial conditions at the model boundaries the program computes the evolution and steady state of the pore pressure distribution, degree of saturation in the unsaturated zone, seepage velocities and inflow/outflow through the model. The resulting ground water table can be imported into the standard stress-strain analysis.

Water Flow is an extension module of the FEM program for the analysis of general geotechnical problems.


  • Material models for the unsaturated zone:

    • Log-linear model

    • Van Genuchten model

    • Gardner model

  • Database of material parameters based on USCS classification and soil consistency

  • Boundary conditions:

    • Impermeable line

    • Permeable line

    • Prescribed pore pressure

    • Prescribed inflow / outflow

    • Seepage surface with conditions not known in advance

  • Point hydraulic conditions:

    • Inflow / outflow

    • Pore pressure at a point

  • Possibility to represent partially permeable interfaces (contacts) and beams

  • Introduction of drains and preference paths

  • Flexible time step adjustment for effective computation

  • Sharing the resulting ground water table between projects via GeoClipboard

  • Lucid representation of pore pressure distribution, flow velocities and ground water table

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