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MSE Wall

This program is used for verification of mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids (georeinforcements).


  • Built-in database of available georeinforcement (geogrids) – Fortrac, Tensar, Miragrid, KB-grid, Acegrid, Secugrid, Enkagrid, Paralink, Paragrid etc.

  • Verification analysis can be performed employing EN 1997-1, LRFD or classical approach (limit states, factor of safety)

  • Verification of fictitious wall against slip and overturning

  • Verification of slip and overturning of arbitrary part of the wall (dimensioning)

  • Verification of bearing capacity of foundation soil

  • Verification of slip on georeinforcement

  • Verification of internal stability

    • for extensible reinforcements

      • Standard - straight slip surface

      • AASHTO – Extensible

      • FHWA NHI-10-024

    • for inextensible reinforcements

      • AASHTO – Inextensible

      • JTGD30 - 2004 Highway China Code

      • TB 10025 Railway China Code

      • BS 8006 - Coherent Gravity Method

  • Verification of global stability at circular slip surface (Bishop, Spencer) incl. optimization

  • Automatic generation of reinforcement position

  • Various kinds of slopes: prefabricated blocks at the front face of the wall, simple slope or slope with berms (including optional cover)

  • Generally layered soil environment

  • Built-in database of soil parameters

  • Multiple construction stages

  • Arbitrary number of surcharges applied to structures (strip, trapezoidal, concentrated load)

  • Arbitrary number of inserted forces (anchors, safety fences, etc.)

  • Earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango, Chinese standards, NCMA – SRW)

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