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NovoLIQ-Soil Liquefaction Analysis Software

NovoLIQ is a powerful, user-friendly geotechnical software for soil liquefaction analysis; It covers liquefaction assessment using various empirical methods, followed by an estimation of post-liquefaction lateral spread and re-consolidation settlement of the site. Further technical specifications of NovoLIQ are presented below.

NovoLIQ comes with a complete help file (accessible from inside the program), user’s manual in PDF format (printable), and eBook format to allow you getting up-to-speed in just a few hours after installation

Field Data

NovoLIQ uses the following field tests for the analysis:

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT/DCP)

  • Shear Wave Velocity (Vs)

  • Becker Denseness Test (BDT)

All relevant corrections on field data (e.g. overburden depth correction, etc.) will be carried out by the program based on input data. Becker test data is converted to equivalent SPT blow counts.

For liquefaction analysis using CPT data please refer to our NovoCPT software.

For processing Becker penetration test, try our NovoBPT software.

CRR Methods

The following methods of estimation of Cyclic Resistance Ratio (CRR) are implemented in NovoLIQ:

  • NCEER 1997

  • Vancouver Task Force 2007

  • Idriss & Boulanger (2014)

  • Cetin et al. (2004)

  • Japanese Highway Bridge Code

  • ‘Chinese’ Code

  • Seed et al. (1983)

  • Tokimatsu & Yoshimi (1983)

  • Shibata (1981)

  • Kokusho et al. (1983)

You can compare the Factor of Safety values resulted from these different methods; NovoLIQ also calculates the average Factor of Safety if more than one method is selected.


The following methods are implemented in NovoLIQ for estimation of lateral spreading and re-consolidation settlement of the site:

  • Faris et al. (2006)

  • Zhang & Robertson (2004)

  • Youd et al. (2002)

  • Barlett & Youd (1992)

  • Ishihara & Yoshimi (1992)

  • Youd & Perkins (1987)

  • Hamada et al. (1986)

In addition, residual strength (Sr) of liquefied soil will be calculated. All calculation details are provided in tabular format and can be exported to Excel.

Construction Site

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