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Rock Stability

This program is used to analyze the stability of rock slopes and walls for a specified type of failure, including a planar or polygonal slip surface or rock wedge.


  • Slip along straight or polygonal slip surface

  • Slip of space rock wedge

  • Material models according to Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown and Barton-Bandis

  • Smooth, undulated or stepped plane slip surface

  • Polygonal slip surface

  • Simple input of block geometry

  • Overhangs of rock face for 3D wedge

  • Arbitrary number of surcharges (strip, trapezoidal, linear)

  • Arbitrary number of anchors

  • Modelling of water in joints and tension cracks, forces due to water on (internal) slip surface

  • Earthquake effects

  • Stereographic projection (Markland´s test plot) for rock wedge

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