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This program is used to determine vertical settlement and time-dependent consolidation of soils under embankments, foundations, earth dams and surface loads (surcharges).


  • Various theories of settlement analysis (Janbu, Buismann, Soft soil, using the index and coefficient
    of compression, secondary settlement according to Ladd)

  • Generally layered soil environment

  • Built-in database of soil parameters

  • Arbitrary number of surcharges applied to structures (strip, trapezoidal, concentrated load)

  • Handles successive construction of terrain within one analysis task

  • Displays final values of individual variables or their differences from stage to stage

  • Reduction of affected zone according to the theory of structural strength or by percentage of geostatic stress or by incompressible subsoil

  • Settlement analysis exploiting the oedometric modulus specified by the oedometric loading curve

  • Automatic analysis of settlement and stresses at all important points

  • Settlement results for individual berms

  • Calculation of settlement depending on time (consolidation analysis)

  • Results displayed in colour bands

  • Displaying of consolidation coefficient in graph

  • DXF import and export

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